We provide architectural design for residential and commercial spaces, characterized by modern open plan layouts, which employ natural materials and favor the interaction with the surrounding landscape.

The environments are designed making the best use of the natural site and climatic conditions, sea breezes, sunlight, views to create living spaces that blend into one other and convey serenity and privacy.

Environmentally sensitive approaches include the collection of rain water for domestic and gardening purposes as well as recycling of grey water.


Our interior design work is informed by a desire to create innovative living solutions. We aim to design spaces that are at once relaxed and sophisticated, with muted palettes highlighted by warm colors and rich texture.

Beautiful interiors require a pared-down simplicity in the design combined with well proportioned pieces of furniture, which encourage socializing and the sharing of family activities.


Our aim is to create pleasant and inviting outdoor spaces that are quick to install and easy to maintain, suitable for private villas, commercial spaces, hotels and resorts.

Our designs are uncluttered and minimalist, following the tenets of Japanese aesthetic, but at the same time very lush and tropical.

We believe in limiting the palette of materials and making a restrained use of plantings, landscaping larger areas with the same species to build blocks of varying texture and color.

Taking into account the climatic conditions of the site, we work to deliver individually tailored and dynamic outdoor spaces that are enjoyable and practical.

At night, properly positioned lighting, can dramatically increase the perception of the landscaping, therefore a lighting plan should be laid out together with garden design.


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